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Asian wasp: The primary nests in spring of Vespa velutina nigrithorax

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Taking into account the reproductive cycle of the Asian wasp, in the month of March ...

The founding queens that were fertilized in the fall of last season will begin to manufacture the nests of vespa velutina nigrithorax. These nests will reach a maximum size of about 20 cm in diameter.

The first wasps to appear in these primary nests are smaller, similar in size to bees. As the construction of this primary nest progresses, the Velutine Vespas will build larger cells and, therefore, the Velutine Vespas that are born in these cells will also be larger. The size of the cells of the hornet's nest will be the one that determines the size of the velutine scooters.

Setting traps for queens of vespa velutina (or what is known as trapping) is essential so that in spring we do not find these primary nests (Attention: as we have already seen on numerous occasions, there may be nests of vespa velutina at the height ground).

Photo courtesy of SERPA Servicios Antivelutina

Photo courtesy of SERPA Servicios Antivelutina

Between photo 1 and photo 2 there is only 5 seconds difference. Therefore, if you stumble upon a primary Vespa velutina nigrithrax nest, you will have an immediate attack (less than 5 seconds) by Asian wasps.

It is important to have good personal protective equipment when cleaning or clearing in the field (rustic properties, private or public lands, gardens ...) since, if we use a mechanical brush cutter, with the noise We will not detect the attack of the Asian wasps in time until it is too late.

Therefore, maximum attention in spring when cleaning and clearing rustic land and even gardens.

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