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Honey and babies: contraindications

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For babies under 1 year (12 months), honey consumption is not recommended. Always check with the pedriate.

Why is the consumption of honey not recommended for babies under 12 months?

Always consult with the pediatrician.

The doctor or pediatrician will always be the only one who can give his professional advice, which will always be valid.

The main reason that babies under 12 months cannot consume honey is that there may be a risk of botulism. This disease can be potentially fatal for the baby.

Honey can contain spores of the bacterium Clostridium botulinum and cause infant botulism when consumed (the bacteria will reach the baby's large intestine, go into a vegetative form and release a neurotoxin that will paralyze your muscles).

In older children and adults, there is no danger, since they have the most developed intestines and have microorganisms that prevent the development of the disease. On the other hand, babies under 12 months of age, not having fully developed intestines, can develop botulism disease in the case of ingesting honey containing spores of the Clostridium botulinum bacteria.


Babies under 1 year (12 months) should not consume honey.

Babies older than 1 year, they can consume honey (check with the pediatrician).

Older children and adults can consume honey normally in their usual diet.

Always check with your pediatrician to confirm the age at which babies can consume honey.

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