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How many bees form a hive?

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Number of queens, workers and drones

Bees are insects that belong to the genus Apis and the species Mellifera. For example, Iberian bees have the scientific name Apis Mellifera iberiensis, and are perfectly adapted to both the climate and the flora of the Iberian Peninsula.

The hive is formed by a large group of bees united in a colony that is perfectly organized, since each bee has a specific function depending on its typology and age.

As we all know, today what is known as modern beekeeping is implanted, so we will talk about bee colonies that live in beehives prepared for beekeeping.

In a hive we will only find 1 queen bee. Then, we will find between 25,000 and 40,000 worker bees. Finally, we will find 50 to 1,000 drones.

The amount of worker bees and drones may vary depending on the type of bee, the type of hive, the beekeeper's handling and the weather conditions (season of the year, outdoor temperature, flowering, etc.).

All types of bee in the hive will coexist and go through the different stages of development: egg, larva and pupa.

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