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The biological cycle of hives bees

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Queen bee, worker bees and drones

The queen bee:

The queen bee begins its biological cycle with an egg stance that takes 3 days and 5 hours to be born. Afterwards, the queen bee enters the larva state. The larval state will last 5 days, at which time the real cell is operculated and the prepupa and pupa stage will begin. The prepupa and pupa stage lasts 7 days. It will be then when the queen bee will be born. After birth, the queen bee will make several reconnaissance flights (1 or 2 flights). After these reconnaissance flights, the queen bee will make the nuptial flights to mate with an average of 10 drones. Afterwards, the egg laying will begin and it will remain throughout its life of queen bee inside the hive laying eggs.

The biological cycle of the queen bee lasts a total of 16 days.

Queen bee: 3 days (egg) + 5 days (larva) + 7 days (pupa). Total: 16 days

The worker bees:

In spring - summer, which is the most active period, worker bees can live between 45 and 60 days (depending on the distance traveled from pecoreo in that period). Instead, during the winter period, they can live up to 180 days. The worker bees begin their biological cycle with the oviposition by the queen of eggs that take 3 days and 5 hours to be born. Then they will go to the larval state (also called open breeding), which will last 6 days. After this time, the cell will be operculated and will go to the prepupa and pupa stage, which will last 12 days. As the days progress, the bees form until the bee is born.

The complete biological cycle of worker bees, from when the egg is laid until the bee is born is 21 days.

Worker bee: 3 days (egg) + 6 days (larva) + 12 days (pupa). Total: 21 days

The drones:

Drones are born from ovules without fertilizing in a process known as parthenogenesis. From the time the egg is deposited until the birth of the drone, 24 days pass.

The biological cycle of the drone is described as follows:

Drone: 3 days (egg) + 7 days (larva) + 14 days (pupa). Total: 24 days

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