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Honey and diabetes

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¿Pueden los diabéticos consumir miel?

We always recommend consulting with a diabetes specialist.

To the question of whether a diabetic can eat honey, we quickly go to the answer: a person who has diabetes cannot consume honey.

Another thing is that if the diabetic person has a healthy and balanced diet, the doctor allows him to consume a small amount of honey sporadically. You will always have to consult with the doctor and ask about each particular case. Therefore, it will be the specialist who indicates how often and how much a diabetic can eat honey and under what specific circumstances.

Honey, like sugar, raises the level of blood glucose (raises blood sugar).

Honey is composed of several types of sugars, largely glucose (22% -40%) and fructose (28% -44%), as well as containing maltose (2% -16%), sucrose (0.2 % -7%), and other sugars (0.1% -8%) so that a diabetic person when consuming honey will increase the blood glucose level. Diabetic people cannot properly metabolize sugars because they have problems with the generation of insulin and, therefore, accumulate blood sugar.

Therefore, honey consumption is not recommended for a diabetic person. However, you always have to check with your doctor about it.

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