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La jalea real

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Composition, characteristics, benefits and contraindications

In the hive, all larvae are fed during the first three days of life with pure royal jelly (that is, without added pollen). However, only the queen (and the royal cells from which the queen bees will come out) are always fed only with royal jelly throughout her life as a queen bee.

The bees feed all the hive larvae with royal jelly, with the difference that the larvae of the workers will add pollen grains to the royal jelly they give them and the real larvae and the queen bee will only supply jelly Pure real without added pollen.

Who is responsible for producing royal jelly? Young worker bees that are between 5 and 10 days old are responsible for secreting royal jelly, which is a mixture between secreted substances from the hypopharyngeal glands and stomach secretions from bees.

Royal jelly is viscous and has a slightly bitter or acidic taste, and its color is light yellow. Royal jelly has a very important protein that is related to the feeding of real larvae called royalactin.

What is royal jelly made of? Royal jelly is composed of almost 60% water, protein, lipids, sugars and ash.

It is important to highlight the numerous vitamins that royal jelly possesses, such as vitamin E, vitamin PP, vitamins B1, B2, B5, B6, folic acid, minerals (calcium, potassium, copper, zinc, manganese, sodium, iron), amino acids, antibiotics, gammaglobulin and abúminas.

It is important to keep the royal jelly at temperatures that remain between 0ºC and 2ºC since it is necessary to prevent the royal jelly from deteriorating. Royal jelly is a very popular and widely accepted dietary supplement or nutritional supplement. However, caution should be taken regarding possible allergic reactions (especially in those who already have a previously diagnosed allergy). Allergic reactions may have various symptoms of varying consideration, such as hives, asthma or even anaphylaxis. Therefore, it would always be convenient to consult your consumption with an accredited professional in the health field.

We can find royal jelly marketed in different types and formats, always in specialized stores and with quality assurance.

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